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A one-stop cross-border distribution platform focusing on the apparel industry.

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Provide customized wholesale.

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Our Services

Branding Design

  • Provide personalized brand customization services and design unique brand logos and images according to customer needs.
  • Including logo design, packaging design, etc. to create a unique brand image.
  • Provide a professional design team and service process to ensure that the brand image perfectly matches customer needs.

Supply Chain

  • Provide a full range of supply chain management and distribution services to help customers manage supply chain links efficiently.
  • Including supplier management, inventory management, order management and other functions to realize digital management of the supply chain.
  • Provide flexible distribution solutions, support multi-channel sales, and help customers expand their markets.

API Development

  • Provides an open API interface to support customized development and integration.
  • Provides rich API documentation and sample code to facilitate customers’ quick access and development.
  • Supports multiple programming languages ​​and development environments to meet the needs of different customers.

We help e-commerce teams build their dream businesses

A one-stop cross-border distribution platform focusing on the apparel industry.

In-depth construction of the sales platform and supply chain back-end realizes inventory and logistics, and provides a one-stop solution from product selection, listing, procurement to delivery, creating an ecological closed loop integrating supply and marketing, and maximizing commercial value for you.

“Our collaboration with has been transformative for our brand. The platform’s diverse selection, featuring both new and established designers worldwide, has significantly boosted our sales. Their excellent customer service and efficient problem-solving have elevated my boutique, enabling us to reach new heights and better serve our customers.”



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Each customer is assigned a dedicated account manager to help sellers understand the system.


Founded in 2020, it focuses on providing customized e-commerce solutions for cross-border e-commerce sellers.


Answer system questions for users and provide technical support.

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